1 on 1 Tutoring for English Language Learning    Ongoing intakes                 No fee                    

We offer one-on-one tutoring for adult learners who need help with fundamental reading, writing and English as a Second Language. Our Coordinator will match volunteer tutors with learners with the purpose of meeting the learner’s needs and goals.  Volunteer tutors and learners will together coordinate times when they can meet.


ELL Self-study Video DVDs are available to use during office hours


Conversation Café

Every Thursday                                1 - 3 pm                 No fee

No pre-registration is required. Drop in for coffee and a visit with other adults who are learning English as a second language or wish to improve their conversation skills. NEW for winter!  Activities on specific topics will be presented each afternoon. 



 For more information contact:

 office@devonadultlearning.ca or call our new number (780) 232-1922  

There is no fee for this service. 

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