Who We Are

DALC Council Members 2018-2019


Council Chair Dianne Hennig

Council Vice Chair #1 Caroleigh Ashlin-Mayo

Council Vice Chair #2 Stacey Fouillard

Treasurer Ron Pettigrew

Director Alexander Yates



Our Mission is to provide learning opportunities and community services to adults, youth and newcomers who reside in Devon Alberta (pop. ~6,800) and the surrounding community (pop. ~6,300). Our focus in on providing Employment and Career Support Services, Newcomer integration, tutoring in English Language Learning, Pre-GED preparation tutoring and Learner Support Services.



Our Vision is:

* that youth, adults and newcomers in our community will acquire and build on basic essential skills.

* to prepare individuals for or enhance their employment opportunities.

* to provide a safe and welcoming place for the activities of the Society and for the Learners in our community to build social and community connections around supports and services.

* to support a healthy, vibrant community by providing part-time, non-formal learning opportunities based on a regular assessment of needs that informs program direction and determines priorities.

* to develop and maintain a well-established network of collaborative partnerships to enhance our community services.

* that our programs have the following outcomes:

Learners are proficient in essential skills;

Learners participate in further learning opportunities;

Learners benefit from learning opportunities in their own community;

Learners achieve their employment goals.


Corporate Philosophy – Core Values

The Devon Adult Learning Centre holds firmly to the following values to support our Mission and Vision:


1. Respect is at the foundation of our interactions.


2. We operate with integrity to ensure that our credibility as a service provider is upheld.


3. Accountability is a commitment that we make to our partners and to our community.


4. We are “future thinking” in our decision making.


5. We celebrate collaboration, teamwork and individual contributions.


6. Our Council members, staff, tutors, facilitators and volunteers promote and serve our organization with pride and enthusiasm.




On September 1, 2017 the Devon Adult Learning Centre became a registered society incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act. Effective January 1, 2018, the society slightly revised our mandate to focus on employment services, support and enhancement, essential skills training, and financial literacy. These are offered in addition to our one on one tutoring in English Language Learning and pre-General Equivalency Diploma preparation tutoring that are provided through our successful tutoring program.


In the past fiscal year, we have seen the impact of the services, supports and programs we offer.


Seniors who have taken our technology classes are now able to communicate with family and friends online and have a basic understanding of how to complete applications online.


Newcomers to our community have been able to integrate more effectively and make connections with improved English language skills.


22 individuals came to us for assistance with their resumes and for employment services. 8 are employed, 9 are still unemployed and 5 are unknown due to no contact.


26 individuals attended 2 local workshops hosted by Devon Adult Learning Centre and facilitated by our community partner BGS Enterprises. These individuals have improved their ability to find suitable employment with new knowledge and skills.


Youth completing the Momentum Financial Literacy course have an increased understanding of how to manage their assets, how to budget and how to responsibly manage their finances.


Our community has an increased number of citizens able to provide first aid in an emergency. This results in a reduced reliance on health services and provides immediate assistance in an emergency situation.


Individuals accessing our services have reported improved mental health, confidence and outlook on life. They feel supported in achieving their learning and employment goals.


Our community has benefited from having our Learners now being equipped to lead happier, healthier lives and contribute more productively in our society.


Having essential supports, services and training available right in our community has improved the ability of our Learners to find work

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