The Devon Adult Learning Council would like to acknowledge and thank the Town of Devon for the many years that we have been supported by them serving as our Legal Host. The role of the Town of Devon in the work of the DALC is to ensure that our grant monies from Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education are used solely for the purpose of approved program activities. The Town provides additional support in terms of administration, promotions, financial accounting, consulation and meeting space.  The benefits that are provided to the community from this relationship are countless. A big "Thank you" to all of the Town of Devon staff who contribute to our success!


The Devon Adult Learning Council acknowledges that funding for our program activites is provided by the Alberta Government. Our mandated program areas are:


     1. Literacy and Foundational Learning

     2. Family Literacy

     3. Community Capacity Building


Of equal importance, the Devon Adult Learning Council wishes to acknowledge and thank the Devon and area community for their support. We have been the beneficiary of many hours of service from the volunteer tutors, volunteers who serve on our Council, the participants who attend our programs, and the many organizations in our community that partner with us to provide the community with learning opportunities.


Together... we are building a stronger community!


From left to right: Ron Pettigrew, Caroleigh Ashlin-Mayo, Holly Gilmour, Gwen O'Hagan, Dianne Hennig. Missing: Maxine Armstrong, Lynn Brown.
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