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English Learning Support 



Building a vibrant learning community…

Devon Adult Learning Centre is a non-profit organization striving to bring lifelong learning to the communities of Devon, Calmar, Thorsby and surrounding area. Our funding is provided by the Government of Alberta through Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education.  


The Devon Adult Learning Centre (DALC focuses on the following areas:

 Literacy and Foundational Learning

Family Literacy

Learner Support Services

Community Capacity Building


We offer tutoring, classes and in office support with:

 Computer & Technology Classes for beginners 

 1-1 Essential Skills Tutoring Support 

 English Language Learning 

 Support for Job Seekers & Employers 

■ Exam Proctoring 

  ■ Community Enrichment Programs


1 in 5 Adults in Alberta faces daily challenges with numeracy and literacy!





Devon Adult Learning Centre would like to thank the following sponsors for there ongoing support and commitment!


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